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New study shows how novel biomaterial regulates primary cilia to control bone formation

1 March 2017

Images of the calcium phosphate bone repair material
Images of the calcium phosphate bone repair material
Prof Knight's group has published a new paper which shows how a novel bone graft substitute biomaterial promotes osteogenic differentiation of stem cells associated with regulation of primary cilia structure and TGFB signalling. The paper published in the journal Acta Biomateriala is based on the work of PhD student, Melis Dalbay. The paper was part of a collaborative study with Dutch researchers led by Prof Huipin Yuan.

Jingwei Zhang; Melis Dalbay; Xiaoman Luo; Erik Vrij; Davide Barbieri ; Lorenzo Moroni ; Joost D. de Bruijn; Clemens A. van Blitterswijk ; Paul Chapple ; Martin M. Knight; Huipin Yuan. Topography of calcium phosphate ceramics regulates primary cilia length and TGF receptor recruitment associated with osteogenesis.
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