Induction: Engineer your story with digital tools

Engineer  your story with digital tools

Date: Tuesday 21 September 2021 14:00 - 16:00

Location: On campus - Eng 2.16
Second floor, Engineering building, Bancroft Road entrance

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Meeting ID: 836 1452 0217
Passcode: 397132

The Brief:
Plan and create engaging stories using TikTok or other online platforms
“Your Journey to QMUL”

• Understanding of storytelling techniques
• Awareness of digital storytelling platforms
• Ability to produce a story using Adobe and TikTok platforms
• Online communication and collaboration skills

Interactive sessions including:

Dallas Campbell
Why stories matter?
Examples of stories from Dallas with examples of how he uses questions/hooks/props/location/people/ to bring stories to life

Tina Chowdhury
“Tina brings engineering to life”

Story creation tools including Adobe Spark, TikTok , Padlett
Meet creative experts Phil Badham, Charlotte Coveney and Heather MacRae

Arranged by:Ideas Foundation
SEMS division: