Undergraduate  本科生教学

The Queen Mary University of London Engineering School, Northwestern Polytechnical University (QMES) is the first Sino-Foreign Joint Educational Institution (JEI) to be established in the Northwest region of China. image

The mission of QMES is to provide a high quality degree level education in the subject of Engineering through a collaboration between two leading international universities, QMUL in the UK and NPU in China.

The Queen Mary University of London Engineering School is based on the NPU campuses and provides 2 degree programme options in the Materials Sciences.  Successful students of QMES will be awarded a degree from each university. QMES builds on the acknowledged expertise and experience of the two universities and their complementary research strengths in materials science.






The programmes draw on the academic expertise of both institutions, as well as the strengths of two distinct educational cultures – the mathematical and scientific rigour found in China and the emphasis placed on creative problem-solving and transferable skills in the UK. Students graduate with a unique blend of skills, valued in China and around the world.

  • Gain two degrees, one from Queen Mary University of London and one from Northwestern Polytechnical University, without the expense of studying abroad.
  • Follow an education partnership model that has already been well-established in China image
  • The programmes are based on our BEng Materials Science and Engineering and are taught jointly by NPU staff and QMUL staff from the London campus in English.
  • Become highly proficient in English language while our personal development plan will develop your creative and communication skills.
  • Be ideally placed to pursue careers in the expanding material science and manufacturing industry or higher degrees and research within universities in China and internationally.


通过优化整合中英双方的优秀教育资源及文化特点 – 中国传统教育看重的科学严谨以及英国教育看重的创新性解决问题的能力,学院将培养学生成为集中英两国高等教育之精华的优秀人才。

  • 无需负担昂贵的留学学费及生活费,无需远离家人,在中国本土即可享受正宗的英国高等教育,并获得伦敦玛丽女王大学及西工大双学位;
  • 采用国内成熟的中外合作办学模式;
  • 课程由中英双方优秀教师协力执教,以全英文授课,并授予材料科学与工程本科学位
  • 通过精心设计的个人发展计划帮助学生提升英语能力,并培养创新性思维及沟通技能;
  • 高质量的毕业生,受到全球知名企业和顶尖学府的青睐。


Admission to the QMES programmes


These programmes will only admit Chinese nationals via the NPU application process. Students must take the Gaokao and will be recruited within the National Plan under relevant regulations.

We are very honoured to be working with Northwestern Polytechnical University, one of China’s top universities, to offer these joint programmes. We look forward to welcoming you to Queen Mary.