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Reflections on 2018 NPU QMUL Summer School(2)

                        Peaceful and Dynamic Cambridge

During 2018 NPU-QMUL Summer Camp, all the 40 QMEStars visited Cambridge University to unveil the mystery of the world-renowned university. After reaching the destination, each group had started to visit Cambridge University separately.

Our group spent a whole day in Cambridge, trying to get the most of this world top university in the shortest time possible. After the visit, all of our group members have deep reflections about this precious visit.

Derek (Jia Yuxiao):

In Cambridge University, we took a wooden boat on a river, where ducks swam in flocks with us, cool wind made us relaxed and happy; we walked along the road and watched many classic buildings in Cambridge University; we enjoyed beautiful songs played by buskers and read books in the bookshop; we also visited King’s College and Trinity College, took a photo with ‘Newton’s apple tree’.

During this experience in Cambridge University, I think what impressed me most is the atmosphere in Cambridge University; it was not only serious and academic but also open and eclectic. Students study in solemn buildings live in quiet streets and avenues. Meanwhile, there are buskers playing the guitar on the street, people talking in cafes and reading in bookshops. They also have become a part of Cambridge University.


I have never been to Cambridge before, so the only impression in my mind came from the poem of Xu Zhimo. As the famous lines saying, “Quietly I am leaving, Just as quietly as I came”, Cambridge was a quiet small town and everything here followed its own rhythm, soft and comfortable. No one would break this peace.

We rambled on through the old buildings, spent time in a small boat on the River Cam and enjoyed the sunlight shining on the water. But in my opinion, the most memorable experience must be having lunch in Cambridge. At noon, we walked into a small restaurant. The furniture there was old but well maintained. The whole restaurant was in silence, even the waiter talked with a really low voice. Then we found the reason was that someone was playing the piano at that time. All the customers were listening to it carefully. Another thing I still remember was the big smile of the restaurant owner. When we showed confusion to the menu, he described it kindly and taught us how to make a cup of classic Britain breakfast tea. When we were leaving, he offered to direct the way and introduced the most famous tourist spots to us.

I got deeply moved not only by the beautiful and peaceful scenery but also by the romantic people here.

Besty(Wang Jiaqi):

“If only one day left, please leave me at Cambridge.

I want to enjoy the view,

And the last peace.”

Peace, I think, is my first impression of Cambridge. Just so peaceful that it is really hard to imagine we are in such a famous campus. Open to the street, hearing of the wind going through the buildings, smelling the sweet air with flower and grass, you know, here is not Cambridge, it must be a wonderland.

Another word for Cambridge, in my mind, is passion.

It is a magic place full of passion! Nearly all the boaters are Cambridge students, who get the part-time job to save some money. They are young, active and full of energy. They welcome every visitor and tell of the story of Cambridge in great detail. I still remember the handsome guy for our boat, strong body and beautiful smile, warming us for a whole day.

Maybe this is exactly the spirit of Cambridge, energetic but still peaceful.

You can see the most excellent students here, working hard with the hope of life. You can also see the incredible views, as peaceful as a place for the soul. No matter how others change, Cambridge always walks ahead along its own path, educating excellent students, energetically and firmly.

Mark(Shi Boning)

“Very quietly I take my leave, as quietly as I came here.

Quietly I wave goodbye, to the rosy clouds in the western sky.”

Before I came to Cambridge, what I know about Cambridge, one of the oldest universities, is this romantic poem and some official description. After coming to Cambridge, I found beside romance, there is a kind of tranquillity and peace.

We took the boat on the river. The boat passed the discrepant bridges which have different stories. We visited 31 separate but harmonious colleges in the distance. We listened to the birds’ sound and smelled potpourri. No noise on the road. No buildings flanking the alley. What a peaceful place to calm down and concentrate on our jobs!

An ideal college should be like this: there are a lot of places to relax and think to inspire creativeness. There are some auditoriums for us to approach the world-famous scholars. There are many laboratories to do experiments on our own. That is what I hope, and what I feeling Cambridge. All in all, ‘Focus in peace and romance after focus' is what I have experienced in Cambridge.

Tony(Lu Yifan):

Different from London's bustling, Cambridge looks like a magical place. When I first came to Cambridge, I am attracted by Cambridge's unique scenery: the River flowing quietly, taking a board and crossing the whole campus; the boundless grassland; the classical red brick buildings filled in the view. Sometimes I cannot believe that this is a place to study, like a mysterious castle. Passing the Newton's apple tree, imagining the great scenes and the ancient and glorious history of Cambridge, I was totally amazed. Re-reading Xu Zhimo's poetry, feeling the colorful and unforgettable life in Cambridge, I almost travelled back into the last century.

We cannot remember all the things and people we meet in our life; our everlasting memory goes to the warmest period we have experienced through a certain stage of life, just like the Summer Camp in 2018.

Exploring the magical world with lots of great men in the magical place, maybe, is my life-long dream.


By Jia Yuxiao, Wang Xiangyi, Wang Jiaqi, Shi Boning, Lu Yifan