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Dr Hasan Shaheed and team win at the Engagement and Enterprise Awards

Congratulations to Dr Shaheed's team who have won the Proof of Concept award at the Engagement and Enterprise Awards.This award is for the proof of concept project which has achieved one or a number of milestones that could lead to a significant commercial or non-commercial enterprise in the future.

The team won for Locomotion System for a Robotic Active Capsule Endoscope they have been working on since 2012. The pill-shaped mini-cameras called ‘capsule endoscopes’ (CE) that the patients swallow to allow the inside of their intestines to be examined by the doctors have revolutionised the landscape of gastrointestinal (GI) investigation.The QMUL team in a joint collaboration co-led by Dr Shaheed, a robotics scientist from SEMS and Dr Mo Thaha, a bowel cancer surgeon from SMD, Blizard institute has developed the first prototype of a novel locomotion system for a CE. The prototype system when steered through a phantom colon, achieved speeds faster than existing CE, could be steered and controlled from the outside.

News date: 13 February 2017
Contact: Laura Crane-Brewer

Updated by: Laura Crane-Brewer

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