Two Queen Mary bioengineers appointed to the government’s Animals in Science Committee

2 July 2024

Prof Hazel Screen
Prof Hazel Screen
Prof Martin Knight
Prof Martin Knight

Prof Hazel Screen, Head of the School of Engineering and Materials Science and Professor of Biomedical Engineering, along with Prof Martin Knight, Faculty Dean for Research and Professor of Mechanobiology, have been appointed to the government’s Animals in Science Committee (ASC). The two are appointed in a job share capacity, as part of a focus to augment the committee’s expertise in non-animal technologies.

The Animals in Science Committee advises the Secretary of State on best practice and current issues surrounding the use of animals in scientific research and procedures – aiming to maintain the highest animal welfare standards, and always be at the forefront of ethical considerations.

Martin and Hazel join a group including veterinary directors and educators, individuals working in law and ethics, bioengineers from industry, safety and environmental professionals, and leaders in the study of animal research.

Martin and Hazel comment “We are delighted to be part of the Government’s Animals in Science Committee. This is a very important time for the committee with the drive to reduce animals in science through adoption of new technology such as organ-on-a-chip.

We take this on as a job share, particularly related to our track record in driving research, and engaging with stakeholders via the Queen Mary’s Centre for Predictive in vitro Models and the UK organ-on-a-chip technologies Network.”

Contact:Ayden Wilkes