Prof Sir Colin Humphreys quoted in The Observer for developing ‘miracle material’.

17 April 2024

A range of items which can be improved with Graphene
A range of items which can be improved with Graphene
Professor Sir Colin Humphreys
Professor Sir Colin Humphreys

In an article about Graphene – once touted as a revolutionary material set to change industries – SEMS researchers outline how they’ve discovered ways of making the material more manufacturable, and upscale its production.

Cambridge University’s spin-out company, Paragraf, founded by Queen Mary’s Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, and partnered with Queen Mary, have taken these manufacturing techniques and developed them further.

Queen Mary researchers have contributed their expertise to help study and develop a wide range of graphene devices without compromising the essential characteristics needed for electronics manufacturing.

Sir Humphreys explains that the implications are far reaching – from detecting magnetic fields to sepsis infections – and be a greener solution to current materials such as silicone.

“Graphene technology may have arrived later than we had originally hoped but it has the potential to get around these problems and make a real difference to modern life.”

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