Queen Mary researchers win £1m EPSRC manufacturing grant for adventurous ideas

25 September 2023

Dr Lei Su
Dr Lei Su

A Queen Mary team has been awarded a highly competitive £1m EPSRC Adventurous Manufacturing Grant, that rewards high-risk and ambitious ideas.

Led by Dr Lei Su, Reader in Photonics, the team will develop scalable manufacturing technologies for single-crystal perovskite optical and electronic devices. This project follows the EPSRC Adventurous Manufacturing feasibility study, in which Dr Su invented a fabrication process to grow single-crystal perovskite devices beyond the current aspect-ratio limit.

Single-crystal perovskites possess exceptional optoelectronic properties and stability, and are very promising for making future optical and electronic devices. However, the scalable manufacturing of single-crystal perovskite is currently facing significant challenges. Unlike polycrystalline perovskites, scalable fabrication of single-crystal perovskite optical and electronic devices is extremely difficult.

In this project, Dr Su and the team will address these challenges by developing scalable manufacturing technologies for single-crystal perovskites, and exploring their applications. The outcome of the project is expected to transform the manufacturing of single-crystal optical and electronic devices, strengthening the UK's leading position in this field.