Building communication skills across Materials and Biomedical Science

17 June 2020

Competition Final
Competition Final
On 11th June 2020, ICTL funded the project to enhance students' skills in building communication skills across Materials or Polymer Science and Engineering, and Biomedical Science, led by Faith Nightingale (School of Language, Linguistics and Film) and Maria Romero-Gonzalez (School of Engineering and Material Sciences).

The aim was for students to explore the connections between their major and Biomedical Science thus providing common ground between them and students from other TNE programmes. Students were engaging in peer-to-peer learning and using all the skills and knowledge that they had developed from their modules at Queen Mary's School of Engineering and Materials Science.

The participants were allocated in groups consisting of a mix of students from Years 1-3. The participants produced videos that could be used as a teaching resource for others, which in turn should enhance student engagement. Out of 10 video submissions, 5 were shortlisted and made it through to the live finals where the audience were able to vote for their favourite candidate.

This project provided students with a great time, and they were able to showcase their creativity, communication skills, and high quality production values.

Follow the link, below, to view the top videos.
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