New Creative Hub Opens with Workshop Course

8 June 2018

Students working on their tool tray
Students working on their tool tray
Students attending the workshop course
Students attending the workshop course
Our new creative hub is now operational and has just hosted the first of four workshop courses.

The new creative hub is a student maker space specifically designed containing all the facilities one might need to prototype and build amazing projects. The maker space features: bench areas, machine tools, craft tools, 3D printers, spray booths etc.

The three day workshop course was designed by our amazing team of mechanical technicians, Dennis, Douge, Roger and Mick. The course was developed to give undergraduate students workshop skills and for them to gain practical experience and confidence to assist them in their future careers.

During the three days the students were trained in safe working, use of measuring tools, identification of screw threads, manufacturing (metal and woodwork), vacuum forming and technical drawing and sketching. These skills were put into practice with students making their own tool tray and desk tidy, using metal, plastic and wood. The course ended with a land yacht challenge where students had to design, make and race a land yacht using standard parts.

Dennis, Lead Mechanical Technician said “The reaction from the students has been gratifying and we have had some very positive comments, the students this week were a pleasure to work with. Thank you to everyone who helped the course run – firstly Douge, Mick and Roger for their support in setting up, to Chris Mole for his involvement with the purchase of the PPE and other items. Thank you to the Teaching Associates, special thanks to Tushar for his advice (and general organisation) with the land yacht, and to Elnaz and Marta for their assistance.”
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