PhD student Clara L. Hedegaard wins best oral presentation at ECI conference

12 June 2017

Clara at the conference
Clara at the conference
Congratulations to our PhD student Clara L. Hedegaard has won best oral presentation at the 2017 Biofabrication for Hierarchical in Vitro Tissue Models ECI Conference. The title of Clara’s talk was “A self-assembly based supramolecular bioink with hierarchical control as a new bioprinting tool”.
The Engineering Conferences International (ECI) program has been running for over 50 years (originally established in 1962), providing more than 2000 leading conferences in all areas of engineering.
Clara is part of the Mata Research Group, her research interests include the design of peptide amphiphile based bioinks for 3D bioprinting. Combined with droplet-on-demand based printing, the effects of fluid mechanics and molecular self-assembly of the bioink can be studied, to create new complex structures.
Contact:Laura Crane-Brewer

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