SEMS students excel in QProducers Scheme

18 November 2015

SEMS students excel in QProducers Scheme
SEMS students secured funding for 5 out of 14 university prizes at the QProducers scheme.

With support from the Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience, the Learning Development team were able to involve students in supporting their own, plus their peers’, learning by making a range of resources related to their disciplinary study.

Last summer, SEMS students secured a large proportion of available grants and were particularly creative in devising resources for learning and revision as follows:
• Ross Ward: An overview and explanation of fluid mechanics
• Rebecca Browne: Calculation of error in lab reports
• Gioia Regoli: 2D plane stress
• Mohamed Gowely: Getting started with CFD packages
• Deniz Ucan: Stresses and strains of 3D structures

Congratulations to the above names students for securing these grants and be sure to check out their works!

Updated by: Corinne Hanlon