Where is a PhD? Dr Danielle DeVilliers

12 August 2014

Where is a PhD? Dr Danielle DeVilliers
Eight years ago, Danielle first arrived at Queen Mary University of London and since then, she has been awarded both a first class undergraduate degree and a PhD.

Danielle’s thesis “Accelerated wear protocols for understanding clinical wear in modern hip prostheses” was sponsored by Corin. The work formed part of two larger projects looking at altering the bearing surfaces of hip replacements, called SMART hip and BERTI, to reduce wear and release antibacterial silver into the hip joint during use. Danielle established that the reduction of wear and the production of appropriately sized silver particles was possible and also the coatings that had been developed could also reduce the release of Cobalt into the body.

SEMS, and especially her supervisor Prof Julia Shelton, would like to congratulate Danielle and wishes her all the best for the future.
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