Funding obtained to bring the Bionic Man to a wider audience

23 July 2014

Elena di Mascio pictured with The Bionic Man
Elena di Mascio pictured with The Bionic Man
The Bionic Man has had great success as a Bioengineering Outreach activity for young audiences, but it will now be opened up to a new audience: Older Adults. Opening up the activity to a wider audience will allow SEMS to interact with a group that has knowledge and experience which may give us a new perspective on our research while offering them the chance to gain knowledge in an area they may not familiar with.

It also allows us to be leading in the field of Public Engagement by working with this demographic in this way; no other university is currently running this type of project, where high level research is disseminated to this audience.

The activity will focus on the Medical Implants research within SEMS and the Institute of Bioengineering (IoB) to make this information accessible to older adults. The activity will be launched at Queen Mary and will be followed up by participating at events organised by external partners.

The project has been organised by Prof Martin Knight, Elena di Mascio and Dr Corinne Hanlon.
Contact:Prof Martin Knight

Updated by: Corinne Hanlon