Congratulations once again in Nimra Jalali!

17 June 2014

Congratulations once again in Nimra Jalali!
SEMS PhD student, Nimra Jalali, who is supervised by Dr Steve Dunn, has won another best poster prize.

Congratulations go to Nimra who was awarded second prize, and €300, for the best poster at the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) Spring Conference at Lille for her poster entitled "Performance Optimisation of ZnO Nanogenerators By Nanorod-Passivation".

E-MRS conferences provide a platform to network researchers, industrialists and academics from materials research and technology, making nearly 2,500 attendees every year. Each symposium held three awards for poster presentations and they were participated by European and Overseas academic institutes.

Nimra's research is a joint collaboration between National Physical Laboratory and Queen Mary University of London, supervised by Dr. Steve Dunn.
Contact:Nimra Jalali

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