Free Taster Courses for year 12 students launches today

9 January 2014

Students taking part in last year's Materials Science Taster Course
Students taking part in last year's Materials Science Taster Course
The University of London's Taster Courses give year 12 students the opportunity to experience what studying for a degree at university is like before entering into, or committing to, the UCAS cycle.

This year SEMS are proud to be able to offer places to over 800 year 12 students who can choose from any of our 19 Taster Courses. The courses range from Aerospace Engineering to Dental Materials, with all of our other degree programmes featured in between. Also available are two specialist courses; one for female students who may be considering pursuing engineering and another for students who may be currently aiming to study medicine or dentistry. The courses take place at the end of April and the end of June/beginning of July.

All of the Taster Courses are free and the full details and booking forms can be found on the University of London's website. Bookings will be taken from 11am be sure to tell all of the year 12 students that you know! Further information can be obtained from Corinne Hanlon.

Senior Student Ambassadors from SEMS will be required to help run and deliver these events. The deadline for applying is tomorrow at 10am. Email Corinne Hanlon if you are interested in taking part.
Contact:Corinne Hanlon