More contacts made between SEMS and the industrial sector

14 November 2013

Students visiting Apatech as part of an industrial visit.
Students visiting Apatech as part of an industrial visit.
Over 150 SEMS students benefited from visits to our industrial partners.

The trips took place last week and some of the organisations involved include NPL, Astrium, Ford, ApaTech, TWI, 3T RPD and Advance Health Care.

Visits such as these provide a great number of opportunities for our students who get the chance to experience what a career in the industrial sector will be like. Students can also enquire as to what employers look for in graduates and whether there are any upcoming summer internships or graduate vacancies.

The trips have been organised by the Industrial Placement Manager, Crawford Blagden, who supports students as they seek to gain industrial experience as part of their degree programme. Crawford has described the trips as a “great way for students to recognise the importance of networking.”
Contact:Crawford Blagden
Tel:020 7882 8743

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