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31 January 2013

New research resulting from collaboration between Madrid, Parma, QMUL (Joe Briscoe and Steve Dunn) and Cambridge show that it is possible to modify magnetic polarization using an electric field applied to a ferroelectric material. Remarkably this was found to happen in 0.1p capacitors found in almost all electronic equipment like your mobile phone or tablet This is an exciting new phenomenon that may have implications for the way we store information in the future but for now more information can be found here - Non-volatile electrically driven repeatable magnetization reversal with no applied magnetic field, M. Ghidini, R. Pellicelli, J. L. Prieto, X. Moya, J. Soussi, J. Briscoe, S. Dunn and N. D. Mathur, Nature Communications, 4:1421 doi: 10.1038/ncomms2398 (2013)

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