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Professor Pankaj Vadgama quoted in Times article: "Soon all our health will be gold standard"

24 January 2012

An article on devices that are designed to help athletes win medals at the Olympics focuses on how the same technology will also benefit the wider public. Professor Pankaj Vadgama, director of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Biomedical Materials at QM, comments on one of the “more sci-fi gadgets”- a small device inserted under the skin that monitors lactate, oxygen and glucose levels. “It’s possible to monitor all these things already, but only if you’re wired up to lots of equipment,” he says. “The really exciting thing is that you now get continuous information in the field.” Professor Vadgama adds that “Athletes make great guinea pigs” who are "open and practical" and “a real catalyst for this research”.

Updated by: David Lockwood