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Hazel Screen and Hasan Shaheed have been awarded Drapers' Prize for Development in Learning and Teaching

27 January 2011

They were awarded the prize for Promoting Student Engagement and Deep Learning through PBL and Pictorial Presentation of Subject Matter.

Electrical Technology is taught to all engineering students (more than 200 students) during the second year of their studies. It is compulsory and the only one of the core modules specifically focused on electronics. Student feedback has indicated that they generally consider electronics to be less relevant to their engineering degrees, and traditionally there has been a lack of student engagement with the subject area.

We have used of pictorial presentation of subject matters, adopting real-life images and animation where possible to describe the relevance and importance of each subject matter. This has been complemented by adopting a problem based learning (PBL) approach to the laboratory sections of the course to provide a highly successful and deep student-centred learning strategy.

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