SEMS Seminar Series: Dr Franck Bertagnolio, DTU

SEMS Seminar Series: Dr Franck Bertagnolio, DTU

Date: Wednesday 31 May 2023 15:00 - 16:00

Location: SEMS Seminar Room (3rd floor in Engineering Building)

Title: Wind turbine noise overview and related activities at DTU Wind and Energy Systems


The talk will start with general aspects of wind energy related to noise. The focus will move toward the specificities of wind turbine generated noise, and its modelling both from an engineering and academic perspective. Mitigation techniques currently used in the industry and latest developments for noise control will be addressed, with future prospects in this domain.

Speaker's Biography

Dr Franck Bertagnolio is a Senior Scientist and has been working since 1997 in the field of wind energy as a researcher at DTU Wind and Energy Systems. His initial focus was on Computational Fluid Dynamics for investigating the aerodynamic and aeroelastic behaviour of wind turbine blades. Progressively, his scientific interest has moved toward the noise emission of wind turbines in parallel with the rapid development of the wind power industry, and because of the close connection between aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. His main research has been directed toward the development of engineering models for wind turbine aerodynamic noise, the understanding of acoustic phenomena specific to wind turbine rotors, as well as acoustic measurements in the field.