QMUL TEM symposium (the Materials Research Network)

Advanced microscopy
Advanced microscopy

Date: Wednesday 8 December 2021 15:00 - 17:00

Location: In-person location: G.O.Jones LG1
Online location: Teams link below…

In 2022 a new TEM will be installed at QMUL, so it is timely to bring together TEM users from across the institution to find out about the new system and what modes researchers are using. The symposium will include short academic talks from TEM users followed by a presentation of the system being installed (including Q&A).

Speakers include:

Prof. Sir Colin Humphreys “TEM for characterising nanostructures”

James King “Using TEM to determine the presence of metal nanoclusters in the pores of metal-organic frameworks”

Subash Raipresentation of the new TEM (+ Q&A).

If you would like to deliver a short talk on the your own TEM results, please contact me. We have space for at least two more speakers (PhD, postdoc or academic).

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