Application and Development of Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers Dr Jian Yu, Super Radiator Coils

Date: Wednesday 22 September 2021 15:00 - 16:00

Jian Yu, from Super Radiator Coils, is a visiting prof. at QMUL. He will be presenting to the Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and Design division. Location is through the division's weekly teams meetings on Wednesday 3-4pm.

I will give some details on our main products, plate-fin heat exchanger (we normally call “coil”), from components to the functions and applications. I will also briefly introduce our current research projects, show some preliminary results and near future plan. Those projects include the impact of tube expansion method on coil performance, A-frame coil performance prediction, air friction on wet surface coil, low GWP new refrigerants heat transfer, and 3-D printing technology for coil manufacture.

SEMS division: