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Multiscale and multimodal assessment of bone damage

Date: Wed 18 Nov 2020, 15:00 - 16:00

Abstract: Bone is a smart composite construction material, and a fascinating biological tissue. Its hierarchically optimized structure and unique composition results in a tissue that in a healthy state is able to withstand surprisingly high loads without fracturing. However, when affected by degenerative diseases, its strength and fracture resistance diminish substantially. Thus, understanding how bone fails and fractures as an organ requires an investigation of its mechanical behaviour on different length scales separately. This presentation will discuss our combined effort to understand bone strength, its damage- and toughening mechanisms on multiple length scales going from macro- to micro- to nanoscale, using experimental in situ mechanical testing as ground for development and validation of numerical modelling strategies of damage and fracture, and most importantly how these aspects are affected by aging and osteoporosis.

Contact:Liz Tanner
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