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Integrative Investigation of Thermal Comfort and Energy Performance of Air Conditioning Systems Professor LU, Jane Wei-Zhen

Date: Wed 22 Jan 2020, 15:00 - 16:00

Location: SEMS Seminar Room

Integrative Investigation of Thermal Comfort and Energy Performance of Air Conditioning Systems

Professor LU, Jane Wei-Zhen
Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR


This joint research consortium between Hong Kong and MIT will focus on the research and development of integrated smart control and management system technology to create sustainable energy efficient buildings (EeBs), including energy-efficient, low-carbon footprint indoor environments. A series of inter-connected technologies, including artificial intelligence-based data analytics for EeBs with multiple low-cost CMOS MEMS sensors, metamaterial-based smart windows, personalized ventilation system, smart adaptive energy-efficient control systems for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), advanced computational modelling techniques for design of EeBs will be developed. A combination of advanced experiments and numerical modelling will be employed to develop advanced EeBs to meet the grand challenge of a sustainable built environment. It is expected that the research can serve as a platform for further developing science and technology in HVAC related subjects and support the long-term development of Hong Kong government’s 2015~2025+ Energy Saving Plan, and the other part of the world as a leader in implementing a sustainable EeB.

Prof. Lu joined City University of Hong Kong in 1996, served as a Research Fellow, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and obtained tenure position in 2005. She obtained BSc and MSc from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 1982 and 1985, and PhD from De Montfort University in 1995 respectively. She once served as Lecturer in Xi'an Jiaotong University for 1985-1990, Visiting Scholar and Scientific Officer in National Engineering Laboratory, UK during 1990-1993. In 1993, she worked as a Research Officer in De Montfort University, obtained Ph.D. degree in 1995, and took the Lecturer post in Hong Kong Polytechnic University before joined City University of Hong Kong. Prof. Lu is actively involved in teaching, research, and administration duties. She currently teaches Building Services Engineering discipline. Her major research interests include: indoor air quality, air pollution and assessment, built environmental assessment, application of numerical modelling in building and environmental engineering. Since 1999, she has successfully attracted 6 RGC-GRF research grants and 19 CityU research grants (in PI capacity). She has authored/co-authored over 240 referred journal papers and referred conference papers. She was Past-President of Hong Kong Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (HKSTAM) for 2010-2012. She currently serves as Associate Editor of HKIE Transactions, member of editorial board, Journal of Hydrodynamics, PRC, Panel member of Hong Kong Research Grant Council (HKRGC), and holds Guest Professorships of several prestigious universities in Mainland China.

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