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Thin Film Acoustofluidics: A New Platform for Lab-on-a-Chip

Date: Wed 13 Mar 2019, 16:00 - 17:00

Location: ENG2.16, SEMS, QMUL

Abstract: This talk will foucs on piezoelectric thin films including zinc oxide (ZnO) and aluminium nitride (AlN), which are used for a broad range of lab-on-chip applications such as biosensing, particle/cell concentrating, sorting/patterning, pumping, mixing, nebulisation and jetting. Integrated acoustic wave sensing/microfluidic devices have been fabricated by depositing these piezoelectric films onto a number of substrates such as silicon, ceramics, diamond, quartz, glass, and more recently also polymer, metallic foils and bendable glass/silicon for making flexible devices. Such thin film acoustic wave devices have great potentials for implementing integrated, disposable, or bendable/flexible lab-on-a-chip devices into various sensing and actuating applications. Different acoustofluidic and biosampling functions which can be generated from thin film surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices. We foresee that such microsystems are capable of performing the complete task from delivering drops of bio-sample into the device, cell/bacteria separation, manipulation, and tissue generation, through to the delivery of the detection results, using portable, wireless, flexible and remotely controlled devices.

Richard (YongQing) Fu is a professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Environment, University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK. He has extensive experience in smart thin film/materials, shape memory films, piezoelectric thin films, nanostructured composite/films for applications in MEMS, sensing and renewable energy applications. He published over 300 science citation index (SCI) journal papers (including Nat. Comm., Prog. Mater Sci, Nano Energy, Nano Lett., Advanced Drug Delivery Review, Mater Horizon, etc.) and his current SCI H-index is 44 with over 8000 citations.

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