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Prof Kai Cheng, Brunel University: Smart tooling and smart machines with the application to high precision smart machining

Date: Wed 20 Feb 2019, 13:00 - 14:00

Location: SEMS seminar Room


Smart manufacturing has tremendous potential and is becoming the next generation manufacturing technology particularly in the Industry 4.0 context. Smart machining processes will enable a new level of machining capability and adaptability, including high process reliability, high precision, machining process optimization, plug-and-produce operations, and bespoke high value applications.

This presentation will present some innovative design concepts on the development of a number of smart tooling devices and smart machines, including a force-based smart cutting tool, a temperature-based internally-cooled smart cutting tool, smart diamond cutting tool, smart spindles and next generation ophthalmic manufacturing machines, particularly for precision and micro manufacturing purposes. Practical implementation and application issues for these smart tooling and machines are explored and discussed, taking account of the requirements for smart machining against a number of industrial applications, such as contamination-free machining, high speed smart drilling, machining of tool-wear-prone Si-based infra-red devices and ophthalmic manufacturing applications. Additional research on implementation and application perspectives of smart tooling and smart machines will also be presented, including:
(a) plug-and-produce design principle;
(b) novel cutting force modelling and the associated implementation algorithms;
(c) critical cutting temperature reduction and control in real-time machining;
(d) Multi-physics based design and analysis of smart tooling, and
(e) application exemplars on smart machining.
(f) design case study on a smart machine tool

The presentation will conclude with further discussion on the potentials and applications of smart tooling/machines/manufacturing for future manufacturing industry.

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