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Pint of Science Talk: Naked mole-rats, arts & soft robotics

Date: Wed 17 May 2017, 19:00 - 22:00

Location: Redchurch Brewery 275-276 Poyser St,
London E2 9RF

Come join us for an exciting night showcasing the interface between art, data and soft robotics. Professor Kaspar Althoefer is a roboticist with a keen interest in soft and stiffness-controllable robots. He likes to apply his octopus-inspired creations to areas such as keyhole surgery and human-robot interaction for the factory of the future.

Kaspar will be followed by SBCS PhD student Julie Freeman. Julie's work, This is Nature Now, uses soft robotic sculptures that respond to live, real-time data from a naked mole-rat colony. The work questions how data and new technologies such as soft robotic scan help us understand nature in new ways.…