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Interaction of Flexible Filaments and Flaps with Cylinders and Unsteady Aerofoil Wakes.

Date: Wed 13 May 2015

Location: Bancroft Road, Teaching Rooms, 3.02, Mile End

SPEAKER: Prof. Alfredo Pinelli, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics, City University London.

One of the paradigmatic examples of flow over bluff bodies is the flow behind a circular cylinder and its control, which has been studied extensively in experiments, theoretical models, and numerical simulations. In particular, in this lecture we will focus on the use of elongated, inextensible, elastic filaments to control the wake behind a cylinder and its two first tridimensional bifurcations.
The lecture will finally cover some preliminary results on similar methodologies inspired by biomimetic ideas to control of the separating flow over aerofoils.

Contact:Yury Korolev
Tel:020 7882 5262