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Irina Goryacheva, Biolabels based on luminescent quantum dots: analytical application

Date: Tue 21 Apr 2015, 13:00 - 14:00

Location: PP2 Lecture Theatre

Professor Irina Yu. Goryacheva
Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia

Presentation will cover state of the art of the luminescent quantum dots development and application as biolabels in analytical chemistry. Small size, bright luminescence, photostability and turnable spectral characteristics are well suited for the detection of multiple analytes with ultrahigh sensitivity. Properties of quantum dots, their synthesis and modification, variants of quantum dots’ based labels, conditions of signal generation together with advantages and disadvantages will be discussed. The interest to this kind of labels for analytical applications could be even wider because the related toxicity (the main restriction of QDs application for in vivo imaging) is not so critical for in vitro goals.

Narrow symmetrical QD’s luminescent peaks make it possible to use QDs as labels for the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes. This possibility is especially important for analysis of more than one analyte on a single test spot. Small QD’s size (units or tens nanometers) grants possibility to consolidate multiple QDs into one structure. Numerous QDs instead of one single QD involved in each molecular recognition event amplify the analytical signal output. Moreover several QD based techniques, such as luminescent, electrogenerated chemiluminescent and electrochemical detection can offer high sensitivity. The combination of association of numerous QDs into one label with a highly sensitive detection of each QD enables to detect analytes at low concentrations. Examples of luminescent quantum dots applications in analysis will be presented, perspectives for rapid tests, sensors as well as for modification of classical methods

Contact:Gleb Sukhorukov

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