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Dr. Ajay Agarwal, Nano-Micro Devices for Bio-Chemical Activities

Date: Wed 28 Jan 2015, 12:00 - 13:00

Location: SEMS Seminar Room (Third Floor Engineering)

Topic of Talk: Nano-Micro Devices for Bio-Chemical Activities
Speaker: Dr. Ajay Agarwal, CSIR-CEERI, Pilani INDIA
Lab-on-a-chip devices having features varying from several microns to few
nanometers are being realized using silicon fabrication technologies. Earlier, silicon
processes were mainly based on thin films and surface micro-machining. The process
technologies have been further extended to realize 3-D structures with the advent of
bulk micro-machining, thick film processes, 3-D printing, etc. The new generation lowcost
and disposable devices are replacing silicon and/ or integrating materials like
polymers, glass, papers, etc. with silicon.
The talk will cover different design and fabrication aspects of some bio-chemical
sensors, micro-fluidic devices, gas sensors, etc. being developed at speaker’s
laboratory. These devices can play an important role in early diagnostics, environmental
monitoring, etc.

Contact:Salzitsa Anastasova-Ivanova

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