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Prof Ashok Kumar - Conducting Polymers: Intelligent Functional Materials

Date: Thu 16 Oct 2014, 10:30 - 11:30

Location: Nanoforce seminar room

SPEAKER: Prof Ashok Kumar, Dean of School of Sciences, Tezpur University.

DATE & LOCATION: Thursday 16/10/2014, 10:30 am, Nanoforce seminar room

TITLE: Conducting Polymers: Intelligent Functional Materials

ABSTRACT: Conducting polymers (CPs) are a class of smart polymeric materials that have attracted considerable interest because of their unique electronic, optical chemical and biochemical properties, making them suitable for diverse applications such as energy storage and conversion devices, memory devices, chemical and biosensors, biomedical engineering and electrocatalysis etc. Their attractive electronic and optoelectronic properties arise from the extended p-electron system along the polymer backbone that can be tuned effectively by doping to suit for desirable applications. In this presentation, an introduction about structure, various synthesis techniques, different properties and applications of conducting polymers will be discussed. In the end, I’ll discuss some of the work done in my research group at Tezpur University.

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