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Siamak Akbarzadehlalkami, Using open-source software for the prediction of heat and ventilation in passenger car design process (Student Seminar Series)

Date: Wed 5 Mar 2014, 13:00 - 14:00

Location: SEMS Seminar Room (Third Floor Engineering)

Abstract: This thesis is conducted at CFD+engineering GmbH. The aim of the thesis is to examine the ability of OpenFOAM® as an open source CFD tool to simulate the heat transfer in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system of cars. All three forms of heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation) are needed to be taken into account inside and outside of the car. First, the standard chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam solver is used to simulate Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) simulation of a test case to find out the accuracy, advantages and drawbacks of this solver for simulating heat transfer in HVAC systems. Second, a new boundary condition is developed to consider external radiation and convection heat transfer with heat conduction of multi-layer solid parts. The ability of having an air gap between the layers is also added to the new boundary. Third, the internal radiation between the car’ s body surfaces is simulated with three OpenFOAM radiation models (P1, fvDOM and viewFactor). All results are compared with inhouse developed software, AURA, which is used in AUDI group. With the standard MultiRegionSimpleFoam approach it is not efficient or even feasible (for complex geometries) to simulate a complete car with multi-layer solid boundaries.

The fine print:
(0) Faculty members are also welcome
(1) Limited food will be served before (and maybe also after) the talks. So come early
(2) If interested in presenting your work at a future Modelling and Simulation, Research Seminar Series, please email Shenren Xu at to discuss and arrange.

Contact:Shenren Xu

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