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Mateusz Gugata, Aerodynamic design of formula SAE car body using the ANSYS® optimisation tools (Student Seminar Series)

Date: Wed 5 Mar 2014, 13:00 - 14:00

Location: SEMS Seminar room (Third Floor Engineering)

Abstract: ANSYS Workbench is becoming very powerful tool for design process support. The wide range of its capabilities is discussed using the Formula SAE aerodynamics design case. The automated Design of Experiments is presented on 2D cases i.e. front wing, rear wing set of aerofoils and 2D diffuser. The application of ANSYS Fluent adjoint solver and the gradient based optimisation loop is performed on simple 2D diffuser optimisation case with the cost function of a downforce.
Finally, the flow around full 3D car model with large amount of design details is comprehensively analysed. The CFD-Post was used for solution visualisation – using movie scenes. Additionally the adjoint solver basics as well as a 3D realistic application case (drag minimisation of fuel efficient vehicle) is presented.

The fine print:
(0) Faculty members are also welcome
(1) Limited food will be served before (and maybe also after) the talks. So come early
(2) If interested in presenting your work at a future Modelling and Simulation, Research Student Seminar Series, please email Shenren Xu at to discuss and arrange.

Contact:Shenren Xu

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