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PG Taught Programme SEB Final

Date: Thu 3 Jul 2014, 10:00 - 17:00

Location: SEMS Seminar Room


Part I: Preliminary items

1. Quorum
To confirm that the meeting meets the quorum.

2. Confidentiality
To note that the business of the meeting is confidential, and that decisions and discussions should not be released except through the approved means.

3. Declaration of interests
To note any potential conflicts of interest and to agree measures to ensure that these cannot affect decision-making.

4. Debtors
To note that students with academic debts are not entitled to receive formal confirmation of results or progression from one year to the next, or any award of QM or the University.

5. Minutes of the previous meeting
To consider and, if appropriate, approve the minutes of the previous meeting, noting that these include a record of Chair’s actions taken between the meetings.

6. Regulations
To note the key regulations - including those for progression, award and classification -and the conventions for considering students at the border (discretion).

Part II: Consideration of module results

7. Marking practices
To note a verbal report on marking practices, including confirmation that the SEB has followed all institution-level marking policies.

8. Invigilator and student reports
To note the details of any invigilator or student reports reporting incidents or irregularities in assessment, and to agree any actions deemed necessary.

9. Module results
To approve module results, discussing any cases requiring special note and agreeing actions as necessary.

Part III: Consideration of student results

10. Students who cannot be considered
To note any students that cannot be considered, and why (e.g. missing marks, pending assessment offence investigations) and to agree to handle these by Chair’s action.

11. Extenuating circumstances
To approve the recommendation of the Extenuating Circumstances Sub-board. These should not normally require detailed discussion. Individual cases should be discussed, where necessary, under the section on the relevant developmental year group.

12. Progress student results
To consider and, where appropriate, approve the recommendations for progression and other outcomes, and to take decisions for any non-standard cases.

13. Finalist student results
To consider and, where appropriate, approve the recommendations for award and other outcomes, and to take decisions for any non-standard cases.

Part IV: External examiners’ reports and other matters

14. Prizes
To agree and/or note the allocation of prizes and/or prize recommendations.

15. External examiner reports
To receive oral reports from the external examiners, noting that fuller comments will be included in the written reports.

16. Authority for the Chair to act on behalf of the Board
To approve the conferral of the Board’s authority to the Chair, to act on its behalf.

17. Arrangements for the next meeting
To note the arrangements for the next meeting.

• 9.00-9.30: Briefing by SEB Chair.
• 9.30-12.30: Coursework/examination scripts inspection.
• 12.30-14.00: Lunch. (UPC)
• 14.00-17.00: SEB meeting to consider module results in Engineering 209

Contact:Sandra Wells
Tel:ext 8732