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Professor Vassili Toropov, Design optimisation in aerospace engineering: methods and applications

Date: Fri 14 Jun 2013, 14:30 - 15:30

Location: UPC (Engineering Room 148A)

Professor Vassili Toropov, Professor of Aerospace and Structural Engineering, University of Leeds

The following features of hard industrial design optimisation problems are not yet adequately addressed by the currently available optimisation techniques:

. Very large scale (~1000 design variables) optimisation problems with expensive (several hours) response function evaluation . Discrete optimisation with even moderately expensive response functions . Multidisciplinary optimisation . Optimisation with non-deterministic responses . Issues of numerical noise and domain-dependent calculability of responses

The presentation will discuss recent progress towards addressing these issues with examples of recent industrial applications including

. Topology optimisation for preliminary design of a lattice composite fuselage . Optimisation of composite wing panels . Turbomachinery applications . Optimisation and stochastic analysis of a landing system for the ESA ExoMars mission . Multidisciplinary optimisation of a 3D printed UAV