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UK-China Clean Energy Forum

Date: Sun 17 - Tue 19 Feb 2013

Location: People's Palace, QMUL

Both UK and China have developed large communities in the clean energy science & technology in the past few decades. However, communications between the communities in the two countries have been limited to very few individuals or small groups and there is very little collaboration in the real sense. The UK-China Clean Energy Forum aims to enhance communications between scientists and engineers from both academic institutions and industrial companies of the two countries, and to foster new and substantial collaborations. This forum is organised by Queen Mary, University of London and is partially sponsored by EPSRC through its Global Engagement Programme.

The forum is proposed to take place initially every one or two years to be held in rotation between China and the UK. The first forum will be held at the Queen Mary University of London in the UK.

Scope of the forum

This forum is intended to cover different aspects of clean energy science and technologies, especially thermal energy related ones. The topics of interest are, but are not limited to:

- Clean fossil fuel technologies
- Clean solar energy technologies
- Low-grade energy utilization
- Emerging energy storage technologies
- Energy materials
- Other clean energy technologies

Please see the UKCCEF website for more details.

Contact:Dr Dongsheng Wen