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Prof Zhaoxian Xiong, Development and Application of Microwave Dielectric materials

Date: Tue 18 Sep 2012, 14:00 - 15:00

Location: Nanoforce Seminar Room

Zhaoxian Xiong, Professor in Functional Materials, Xiamen University
Development and Application of Microwave Dielectric materials

New kinds of dielectric materials for microwave technology were developed, based on the selection of raw chemicals, design of compositions, techniques of synthesis and forming, optimizations of sintering parameters, and, measurement of microwave properties. Several types of devices and products were manufactured for microwave applications, including dielectric resonators, dielectric filters, GPS antennas, microwave lunch boxes, and ceramic chips for microwave equipments. Measurement technique was also presented for microwave dielectric ceramics with the principle of parallel plates, including hardware and software with friendly measurement interface.

Zhaoxian Xiong is Professor in Functional Materials at Xiamen University. His PhD was on the Microstructure Characterisation of Ferroelectric Ceramics by Fractal Geometry. His past research has focused on ferroelectric ceramics, including the preparation and performance of piezoelectric ceramic fibres and sensors,and, ceramic capacitors for high voltage applications. He produced some of the earliest reported work on the microstructure characterisation and computer simulation of functional ceramics by fractal geometry. This work provided some of direct evidence that ferroelectric ceramic properties are dependent on their microstructure geometry, and not simply a chemical effect as previously thought.

More recently, Prof. Xiong has focused on the development and application of microwave ceramics and composites for wireless communications, and, rare earth phosphors for LED lightings, He was the group leader of the Development of Microwave Ceramics and Components, one of 863 Plan supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China as Hi-Tech research key plan. The research results have being applied in mass production for GPS navigation, base station and mobile phone for wireless communications. Now his work is expected to be extended into THz frequency range for space communication and other applications.

He is the director of the Electronic Ceramic Components and Fine Satellite Antennas, which is supported by the local government and industrial companies. He is also the members of several professional societies, including The American Ceramic Society, Materials Research Society, IEEE, China Rare Earth Research Society, China Materials Research Society.

Contact:Haixue Yan