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Dental Materials

BEng (J500) / BEng with Industrial Experience (JM00) / BEng with Year Abroad (J50Y)
MEng (J504) / MEng with Industrial Experience (JN00) / MEng with Year Abroad (J54Y)

Entry Year: 2019


A multi-disciplinary programme, combining all branches of science with manufacturing technology and design to overcome dental and maxillofacial problems.

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Friday 21 & Saturday 22 June

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Choose this programme if you want to study a technologically advanced and specialist subject, building on a strong foundation in biology, chemistry and physiology.

Dental materials scientists study the processing, structure and properties of materials and the interactions of these materials with the tissues of the face and mouth. You’ll study specialist modules on dental materials, maxillofacial anatomy, biomaterials, and materials structure and properties.

In the third year you’ll design an individual research project, based on your own interests and integrated into the School’s world-leading research activities.

Students who choose to take the MEng degree will carry out a group project linked to industry and containing appropriate clinical input, with a focus on solving real dental engineering design problems.

Professional recognition

This programme is accredited by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). 


I enjoy the amount of problem-based activities we are given which allows us to really enhance our understanding of the subjects. We have access to a lot of facilities from the first year of study.

Jathursha Suresh, Dental Materials (2019)
SEMS division: