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Dr Yi Sui
PhD, MInstP, Fellow HEA


Research Funding

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Current Funded Research Projects

Multiscale Modelling of Dissolutive Wetting

Funding source: EU Commission - Horizon 2020
Start: 01-06-2021  /  End: 31-05-2023
Amount: £179,947

Newton International Fellowship 2019: Dynamics of microcapsules in inertial two-phase flows

Funding source: Royal Society
Start: 01-03-2020  /  End: 28-02-2022
Amount: £103,316

The dynamics of microcapsules in fast liquid-gas flows (i.e., inertial regime) is a fundamental problem that lies in the heart of numerous important applications, such as fast particle/cell sorting, encapsulation, and three-dimensional (3D) cell printing. This project will developed numerical simulation tools and fundamental understanding of the capsule and the two-phase fluid dynamics in inertial flow regimes.

Previous Funded Research Projects

Efficient Numerical Modelling of Moving Contact Lines under Non-isothermal Conditions

Funding source: Commission of the European Community - 658437
Start: 17-08-2015  /  End: 31-08-2018

The main purpose of this project is to develop a non-isothermal combined theory for MCL dynamics and use it to build a macroscale computational model, which can simulate non-isothermal MCL flows efficiently and accurately.

International Exchanges Scheme - 2015 China

Funding source: The Royal Society
Start: 31-03-2016  /  End: 30-03-2018

Margination of Microcapsules in Small Arteries

Funding source: Horizon2020 - 658478
Start: 03-09-2015  /  End: 02-09-2017

The aim of the project is to conduct a systematic study of the effects of system parameters, such as the blood flow condition, the particle shape, size etc on the cross-stream migration and margination of microcapsules in blood flows in small arteries.

Proof of Concept: A Liquid-Biopsy Chip

Funding source: HEFCE
Start: 01-08-2016  /  End: 01-08-2017

A Liquid-Biopsy Chip

Funding source: E.P.S.R.C.
Start: 01-08-2016  /  End: 31-03-2017

International Exchange Scheme

Funding source: The Royal Society
Start: 01-03-2015  /  End: 01-02-2017

Dynamic Wetting of Nano-Fibrous Surfaces

Funding source: The Royal Society
Start: 01-01-2199  /  End: 01-11-2015

Other Research Projects

Ultra-sensitive passive active approaches for particles separation

to be updated

Single and two-phase transport in microchannels

Direct liquid cooling incorporating microchannels has drawn more and more attention due to its high heat removal ability; also the microchannel heat sink could be directly integrated into heat-dissipating devices. However, there are still some crucial challenges to be overcome. With regard to single-phase cooling, a conventional…

Numerical simulation of multiphase flows with moving contact lines

Multiphase flows with moving contact lines are widely found in nature and in industrial applications, including droplet spreading/splashing, coating flows, oil/gas transport, carbon storage and oil recovery, microfluidcs, boiling/condensation etc. The manner in which contact lines can move has been a subject of a long-standing…

Newton International Fellowship 2019: Dynamics of microcapsules in inertial two-phase flows

Dynamics of microcapsules in inertial two-phase flows that supports research on the microfluidics involved in capsule migration in small channels.

Flexible particles in flow: dynamics and applications in biomedical and pharmaceutical industries

Flexible particles (FP) including capsules, vesicles and cells are small droplets enclosed by thin membranes. They are widely found in nature and have numerous applications in food, cosmetic, textile, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries (e.g. drug delivery and release). In many applications FPs are subjected to external…