Dr Fariborz Motallebi
BSc MEng PhD


Research Funding

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Current Funded Research Projects

Wind and water turbines: Simulation of unsteady aerodynamic forces and theoretical modelling

Funding source: Royal Society
Start: 20-03-2019  /  End: 19-03-2021
Amount: £12,000

High fidelity flow-structural dynamics simulations of wind and water turbines will be pursued using advanced computing clusters and complemented by wind tunnel tests. The results will be analysed and used to derive new fast models that will support future development of new renewable energy devices extracting kinetic energy from the wind and water flows.

Previous Funded Research Projects

Propeller aerodynamics and acoustics

Funding source: EPSRC
Start: 01-12-2016  /  End: 25-03-2017

Low fidelity modelling of coaxial propeller

International Exchange Scheme: China 2013 NSFC. Aeroacoustics of jets and blades.

Funding source: The Royal Society
Start: 01-04-2014  /  End: 31-03-2016

Computational and experimental studies of blade and jet noise are pursued through collaborative research with Beihang.

Other Research Projects

Jet noise, jet/wing interaction, jet/fuselage interaction in cruise conditions, experimental validation of high-speed jet simulations

Computational aeroacoustics of high-speed jets

Aerodynamics of Sport Vehicles and Devices

Aerodynamics of sport vehicles such as Bobsleigh, racing bicylcle, sport cars have been part of our reserach activities. The main aim of this research has been to improve the performance of these vehicles using scaled down wind tunnel testing.

Aerodynamics and acoustics prediction and control

There is a growing interest in applying active flow and noise control in various engineering applications. 1. Jet noise continues to be a topic affecting aviation. In this context we have recently made two types of progress. The first is in collaboration with Cranfield university where we published a procedure to optimize...