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Dr Ettore Barbieri
Dott. Ing. , PhD, FHEA


Research Funding

Other Research Projects

Numerical simulation of high velocity impact phenomena: spallation, plugging and fragmentation

The aim of this project is to develop a unified predictive numerical model for high velocity impact phenomena, which would take into account simultaneously the fragmentation of the projectile and spalling/plugging fracture of the target. The fragmentation of the projectile is obtained as a result of multiple crack growth,...

Multiscale simulation of failure of composite materials in impact engineering of maritime structures

In this project we are interested in the intermediate and high strain rate shock response of naval submarine composites in a complex submerged environment. Two types of multiscale methods are employed: hierarchical, for the prediction of the effective (damaged) stiffness tensor, and concurrent, for simultaneous coupling of...

Multiscale modelling of nonlinear elastic wave propagation in damaged composite structures

Damage in laminated composite is not readily detectable, since the flaw is often interlaminar. Such a defect is commonly referred to barely visible impact damage (BVID) and, if not promptly identified, it may cause strength and stiffness reductions driving the structure to collapse. In the last few decades, a number of acoustic...

Meshfree modelling of three dimensional fracture with distance fields

Modelling fracture with traditional finite element techniques could be a very burdensome task, even with few cracks: with just two interacting cracks, it is necessary to re-mesh over very small portions of space, causing crashing of even the most sophisticated mesh generators. When cracks grow in number, this task in 3D borders...