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Prof Gleb Sukhorukov


Research Group Members

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
JIA, DongshengOptimization of deployable structures used for drug delivery
KUDRIAVTCEVA, ValeriiaRemote controlled drug depot systems
LI, YixiaoThe combination of fluorescent AuNCs and microcapsules

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
ZHANG, JiaxinMicroarray Structures for Sensing, Stimuli-responsive Releases, Shaped Microcages and Templating Minified Microstructures (2021)
GUO, QinApplications of cell dynamics in the separation and viscoelastic measurement of cells (2020)
GABRIEL, SamanthaComplex biocompatible nano systems for the delivery of nucleotides and enzymes (2019)
CHEN, YuxiuManipulation and Imaging of Interactions Between Layer-by-layer Capsules and Live Cells Using Nanopipettes and SICM (2018)
GAI, MeiyuDesign and Fabrication of Micro-chambers Array for Drug Encapsulation and Controlled Release. (2018)
LI, DanyangCationic polymer brush coated nanoparticles for gene delivery (2018)
GAO, HuiComposite inorganic particles/polyelectrolyte microcapsules: fabrication and application (2017)
LUO, DongMicrocapsules encapsulated with the C-type Natriuretic Peptide for intra-articular treatment of osteoarthritis (2017)
ZHAO, LiFabrication of non(low) permeable microcapsules and further study (2017)
PATEL, Iffat FatimaNaturally Inspired Multi-layer Composite Films on Planar and Modulated Surfaces (2016)
RAN, HaoTo Fabricate and Study the Properties of the Intelligent Microencapsulated Liquid Particles Containing Biologically Active Compounds (2016)
RASHID, SarahA Study of Biointerfacing polymeric membrane barriers for sensors (2016)
DEO, Devendra InderMicrocapsule for targetted drug delivery to diseased tissues (2015)
LIU, WeizhiMicrocapsule internalization be cells in vitro caused by physical and biochemical stimuli (2014)
YI, QiangyingUV-Triggered Encapsulation and Release by Multilayer Microcapsules (2013)
PAVLOV, AntonMultilayer Microcapsules for Delivery, Control and Triggered Release of Bioactive Compounds (2012)
MA, JiaProcessing of Polymer-based Systems for Improved Performance and Controlled Release (2011)
BEDARD, MatthieuOptically addressable, integrative composite polymer microcapsules (2009)