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Dr Thomas Iskratsch
Dipl.-Ing. (Equiv. to MSc/MEng), PhD


Research Impact


Recent publications:


Pandey, P., Hawkes, W., Hu, J., Megone, V.W.,  Gautrot, J., Anilkumar, N., Zhang, M., Hirvonen, L., Cox, S., Ehler, E., Hone, J., Sheetz, M. and Iskratsch, T. Cardiomyocytes sense matrix rigidity through a combination of muscle and non-muscle myosin contractions. Developmental Cell.


Lee, N., Erisken, C., Iskratsch, T., Sheetz, M., Levine, W., Lu, H. Polymer fiber-based models of connective tissue repair and healing. Biomaterials. 112, 303-312


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Meacci, G., Wolfenson, H., Liu, S., Stachowiak, M., Iskratsch, T.,  et al. α-actinin links ECM rigidity sensing contractile units with periodic cell edge retractions. Mol Biol Cell. 27, 3471-3479

Wolfenson, H., Meacci, G., Liu, S., Stachowiak, M., Iskratsch, T., et al. Tropomyosin Controls Sarcomere-like Contractions for Rigidity Sensing and Suppressing Growth on Soft Matrices. Nature cell biology 18, 33-42.


Tabdanov, E., Gondarenko, S., Kumari, S., Liapis, A., Dustin, M. L., Sheetz, M. P., Kam, L. C. and Iskratsch, T., Micropatterning of TCR and LFA-1 ligands reveals complementary effects on cytoskeleton mechanics in T cells. Integr Biol (Camb), 7, 1272-1284.


Iskratsch, T., Wolfenson, H. & Sheetz, M.P. Appreciating force and shape: the rise of mechanotransduction in cell biology. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 15, 825-33 (2014)

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Zhang, X., Moore, S. W., Iskratsch, T. & Sheetz, M. P. N-WASP-directed actin polymerization activates Cas phosphorylation and lamellipodium spreading. J Cell Sci 127, 1394-1405 (2014).


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Lynch, C. D., Lazar, A. M., Iskratsch, T., Zhang, X. et al. Endoplasmic spreading requires coalescence of vimentin intermediate filaments at force-bearing adhesions. Mol Biol Cell 24, 21-30 (2013).