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Dr Ioannis Xanthis


Research Impact

I have a long-standing interest in bioengineering and consequentially took up a PhD. in this field, striving to perform research on cardiovascular biomechanics to the highest standards. My research focused on the contribution of specific endothelial mechanoreceptors to the development of cardiovascular disease, such as atherosclerosis. Throughout my project I have gained the unique experience operating magnetic tweezer and microfluidic platforms developed in my PhD lab in order to test the response of endothelial mechanoreceptors to distinct forces. My proudest achievement so far was to discover the importance of integrins in vascular flow sensing as result of my PhD. studies. This work was later published in the Journal of Cell Science, where it was highlighted by the editorial board. The journal further decided to include me as a featured young scientist, publishing a 'first person' interview with me in the same issue.