Dr Minerva Bosch Fortea

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    • Bernascone I, González T, Barea MD, Carabaña C, Hachimi M, Bosch-Fortea M, Santamaria S, Martin R, Tarnick J, Garcia-Sanz JA and Martín-Belmonte F (2019). "Sfrp3 modulates stromal–epithelial crosstalk during mammary gland development by regulating Wnt levels." Nature Communications  vol. 10, (1)
    • Bosch-Fortea M, Rodriguez-Fraticelli AE, Herranz G, Hachimi M, Barea MD, Young J, Ladoux B and Martin-Belmonte F (2019). "Micropattern-based platform as a physiologically relevant model to study epithelial morphogenesis and nephrotoxicity." Biomaterials  vol. 218,


    • Bosch-Fortea M and Martín-Belmonte F (2018). "Mechanosensitive adhesion complexes in epithelial architecture and cancer onset." Current Opinion in Cell Biology  vol. 50, 42-49.


    • Rodríguez-Fraticelli AE, Bagwell J, Bosch-Fortea M, Boncompain G, Reglero-Real N, García-León MJ, Andrés G, Toribio ML, Alonso MA, Millán J, Perez F, Bagnat M and Martín-Belmonte F (2015). "Developmental regulation of apical endocytosis controls epithelial patterning in vertebrate tubular organs." Nature Cell Biology  vol. 17, (3) 241-250.


    • Bañón-Rodríguez I, Gálvez-Santisteban M, Vergarajauregui S, Bosch M, Borreguero-Pascual A and Martín-Belmonte F (2014). "EGFR controls IQGAP basolateral membrane localization and mitotic spindle orientation during epithelial morphogenesis." Wiley  The Embo Journal  vol. 33, (2) 129-145.


    • Perez-Garcia A, Carrion-Navarro J, Bosch-Fortea M, Lazaro-Ibanez E, Prat-Acin R and Ayuso-Sacido A (2012). "Genomic instability of surgical sample and cancer-initiating cell lines from human glioblastoma." Frontiers in Bioscience  vol. 17, (4) 1469-1479.