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Dr Han Zhang

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    • Meng N, Ren X, Santagiuliana G, Ventura L, Zhang H, Wu J, Yan H, Reece MJ and Bilotti E (2019). "Ultrahigh β-phase content poly(vinylidene fluoride) with relaxor-like ferroelectricity for high energy density capacitors." Nature Communications  vol. 10, (1)
    • Wan K, Taroni PJ, Liu Z, Liu Y, Tu Y, Santagiuliana G, Hsia I, Zhang H, Fenwick O, Krause S, Baxendale M, Schroeder BC and Bilotti E (2019). "Flexible and Stretchable Self‐Powered Multi‐Sensors Based on the N‐Type Thermoelectric Response of Polyurethane/Na x (Ni‐ett) n Composites." Wiley  Advanced Electronic Materials  1900582-1900582.
    • Li Y, Feng Z, Huang L, Essa K, Bilotti E, Zhang H, Peijs T and Hao L (2019). "Additive manufacturing high performance graphene-based composites: A review." Composites Part a: Applied Science and Manufacturing  vol. 124,
    • Lin Y, Tu W, Verpaalen RCP, Zhang H, Bastiaansen CWM and Peijs T (2019). "Transparent, Lightweight, and High Strength Polyethylene Films by a Scalable Continuous Extrusion and Solid-State Drawing Process." Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 
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    • Kang Y, Chaoli W, Youbei Q, Junwei G, ZHANG H, Ton P, Jie K, Guangchang Z and Xuetao S (2019). "Tissue-Engineered Trachea Consisting of Electrospun Patterned sc-PLA/GO-g-IL Fibrous Membranes with Antibacterial Property and 3D-Printed Skeletons with Elasticity." American Chemical Society  Biomacromolecules 


    • KERNIN A, WAN K, LIU Y, kong J, shi X, BILOTTI E, Peijs T and ZHANG H (2018). "The effect of graphene network formation on the electrical, mechanical, and multifunctional properties of graphene/epoxy nanocomposites." Elsevier  Composites Science and Technology  vol. 169, 224-231.
    • BILOTTI E, LIU Y, ZHANG H, PORWAL H, BUSFIELD J and PEIJS AA (2018). "Pyroresistivity in Conductive Polymer Composites: A Perspective on Recent Advances and New Applications." Wiley  Polymer International 
    • Santagiuliana G, Picot OT, Crespo M, Porwal H, Zhang H, Li Y, Rubini L, Colonna S, Fina A, Barbieri E, Spoelstra AB, Mirabello G, Patterson JP, Botto L, Pugno NM, Peijs T and Bilotti E (2018). "Breaking the Nanoparticle Loading-Dispersion Dichotomy in Polymer Nanocomposites with the Art of Croissant-Making." Acs Nano 
    • Tao Y, Liu Y, Zhang H, Stevens CA, Bilotti E, Peijs T and Busfield JJC (2018). "Smart cord-rubber composites with integrated sensing capabilities by localised carbon nanotubes using a simple swelling and infusion method." Composites Science and Technology  vol. 167, 24-31.
    • Liu F, Kong J, Luo C, Ye F, Luan X, Tian N, Liu Y, Zhang H, Gu J and Tang Y (2018). "High temperature self-healing SiBCN ceramics derived from hyperbranched polyborosilazanes." Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials 
    • Liu Y, Zhang H, Porwal H, Tu W, Wan K, Evans J, Newton M, Busfield JJC, Peijs T and Bilotti E (2018). "Tailored pyroresistive performance and flexibility by introducing a secondary thermoplastic elastomeric phase into graphene nanoplatelet (GNP) filled polymer composites for self-regulating heating devices." Journal of Materials Chemistry C  vol. 6, (11) 2760-2768.
    • Li Y, Zhang H, Liu Y, WANG HS, Huang Z, Peijs T and Bilotti E (2018). "Synergistic Effects of Spray-Coated Hybrid Carbon Nanoparticles for Enhanced Electrical and Thermal Surface Conductivity of CFRP Laminates." Composites Part a: Applied Science and Manufacturing 


    • Taroni PJ, SANTAGIULIANA G, WAN K, Calado P, QIU M, ZHANG H, PUGNO N, PALMA M, Stingelin-Stutzmann N, Heeney M, FENWICK O, BAXENDALE M and BILOTTI E (2017). "Toward Stretchable Self-Powered Sensors Based on the Thermoelectric Response of PEDOT:PSS/Polyurethane Blends." Wiley  Advanced Functional Materials 
    • LIU Y, ZHANG H, PORWAL H, TU W, Evans J, NEWTON M, BUSFIELD JJC, Peijs and Bilotti E (2017). "Universal Control on Pyro-resistive Behaviour of Flexible Self-regulating Heating Devices." Wiley  Advanced Functional Materials 
    • Wong D, ZHANG H, BILOTTI E and PEIJS T (2017). "Interlaminar toughening of woven fabric carbon/epoxy composite laminates using hybrid aramid/phenoxy interleaves." Elsevier  Composites Part a: Applied Science and Manufacturing  vol. 101, 151-159.
    • Gao Y, Picot OT, Zhang H, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2017). "Synergistic effects of filler size on thermal annealing-induced percolation in polylactic acid (PLA)/graphite nanoplatelet (GNP) nanocomposites." Nanocomposites  vol. 3, (2) 67-75.
    • Li Y, Zhang H, Huang Z, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2017). "Graphite Nanoplatelet Modified Epoxy Resin for Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics with Enhanced Properties." Journal of Nanomaterials  vol. 2017,
    • Zhang H, Liu Y, Huo S, Briscoe J, Tu W, Picot OT, Rezai A, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2017). "Filtration effects of graphene nanoplatelets in resin infusion processes: Problems and possible solutions." Composites Science and Technology  vol. 139, 138-145.
    • ZHANG H, Li Y, porwal H, Huang Z, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2017). "Mechanical, Electrical and Thermal Properties of In-situ Exfoliated Graphene/Epoxy Nanocomposites." Elsevier  Composites Part a: Applied Science and Manufacturing 


    • Zhang H, Liu Y, Huang M, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2016). "Dissolvable thermoplastic interleaves for carbon nanotube localization in carbon/epoxy laminates with integrated damage sensing capabilities." Sage Publications  Structural Health Monitoring  vol. 17, (1) 59-66.
    • Li Y, Zhang H, Crespo M, Porwal H, Picot O, Santagiuliana G, Huang Z, Barbieri E, Pugno NM, Peijs T and Bilotti E (2016). "In Situ Exfoliation of Graphene in Epoxy Resins: A Facile Strategy to Efficient and Large Scale Graphene Nanocomposites." Acs Appl Mater Interfaces  vol. 8, (36) 24112-24122.
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    • Li Y, Porwal H, Huang Z, Zhang H, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2016). "Enhanced Thermal and Electrical Properties of Polystyrene-Graphene Nanofibers via Electrospinning." Journal of Nanomaterials  vol. 2016,
    • Li Y, Zhang H, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2016). "Optimization of Three-Roll Mill Parameters for In-Situ Exfoliation of Graphene." Mrs Advances  vol. 1, (19) 1389-1394.
    • Li Y, Zhang H, Peijs T and Bilotti E (2016). "Graphene Delivery Systems for Hierarchical Fiber Reinforced Composites." Mrs Advances  vol. 1, (19) 1339-1344.
    • Zhang H, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2016). "Nano-engineered hierarchical carbon fibres and their composites: Preparation, properties and multifunctionalities." The Structural Integrity of Carbon Fiber Composites: Fifty Years of Progress and Achievement of The Science, Development, and Ap 


    • Zhang H, Bharti A, Li Z, Du S, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2015). "Localized toughening of carbon/epoxy laminates using dissolvable thermoplastic interleaves and electrospun fibres." Composites Part a: Applied Science and Manufacturing  vol. 79, 116-126.
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    • Zhang H, Liu Y, Kuwata M, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2015). "Improved fracture toughness and integrated damage sensing capability by spray coated CNTs on carbon fibre prepreg." Composites Part a: Applied Science and Manufacturing  vol. 70, 102-110.
    • Zhang H, Kuwata M, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2015). "Integrated damage sensing in fibre-reinforced composites with extremely low carbon nanotube loadings." Journal of Nanomaterials  vol. 2015,


    • Bilotti E, Zhang H, Deng H, Zhang R, Fu Q and Peijs T (2013). "Controlling the dynamic percolation of carbon nanotube based conductive polymer composites by addition of secondary nanofillers: The effect on electrical conductivity and tuneable sensing behaviour." Composites Science and Technology  vol. 74, 85-90.