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Division of Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and Design

Research Themes

The current research in the division includes the following themes (which are not exclusive).

Energy Engineering

There are a broad range of activities dealing with sustainable energy systems, energy efficiency, energy storage, facility management, environmental compliance and alternative energy technologies, e.g.

  • Cleaner and more efficient energy conversion systems
  • Combustion in IC engines and gas turbines
  • Combustion utilisation of alternative and renewable fuels
  • Renewable fuels performance and emissions
  • Sustainable thermal energy systems
  • Heat transfer and enhanced heat transfer in energy systems
  • Thermal hydraulics in nuclear reactors
  • Marine energy
  • Energy storage
  • Thermal management of power systems


The recently established Centre for Advanced Robotics @ Queen Mary (ARQ) is host to wide-ranging, cutting-edge robotics activities grouped in five research clusters:

  • Control and power
  • Design and materials
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Sensing and perception
  • Artificial intelligence and cognition

Mechanics and Design

The activities range from solid mechanics to thermofluids studies, with research and development in engineering design including design of biomaterials and medical devices.

  • Biomechanics, e.g. investigating how mechanics and muscles are used to control movements
  • Solid mechanics for engineering applications
  • Fluid mechanics of environmental flows and flow in compound channels
  • Mechanics of thermofluids in energy systems
  • Multiphase flow, fluids condensation, boiling/evaporation
  • Air conditioning, refrigeration
  • Dynamics and control systems for engineering applications
  • Engineering design & product development through the application of engineering and applied science & technology
  • Design of biomaterials
  • Design of medical devices
  • Design of thermal management systems
  • Renewable energy system design
  • Nuclear engineering design
  • Design & developing of smart soft materials
  • Design optimisation