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Sensors and Imaging technologies

Research in this thematic area comprises a range of topics including:

  • photoelectrochemical imaging of cell metabolism and cell signalling processes,  
  • miniaturised portable optical sensors and fibre-optical devices for in-situ and remote diagnosis and monitoring,
  • self-powered sensors based on smart polymers and composites,
  • force and tactile sensing for robotics,
  • neuro-fuzzy techniques for the classification of sensor signals,
  • biocompatible polymer coatings for biosensor applications,
  • electrochemical biosensors for minimally invasive, real time metabolite monitoring,
  • biodegradable biosensors for wound monitoring,
  • Raman based tracking of immunobinding for point of care diagnostics,
  • metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors.


S. Krause, L. Su, E. Bilotti, K. Althoefer, P. Vadgama, J. Briscoe, O. Fenwick, J. Gautrot,