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Who we are

A group of researchers of the school of Engineering and Materials Science interested in fundamental and applied aspects of polymer science and engineering, including rubbery materials, nanocomposites, polymer surfaces,  and biopolymers. 

Our competences



Current members

  • Ton Peijs (Polymer nanotechnology, composite materials, nanocomposites,high-performance fibres, biobased materials)
  • Emiliano Bilotti (Nanotechnology, smart polymers, polymers for energy, sensors, bioinspired materials)
  • Remzi Becer (Polymer chemistry, advanced polymer synthesis and characterization techniques, supramolecular chemistry)
  • Lorenzo Botto (Modelling of soft materials; fluid mechanics of complex fluids, colloids and interfaces)
  • Mario Orsi (Molecular dynamics of polymers and lipid membranes, coarse-grained and multiscale simulations)
  • Helena Azevedo (Peptides, biomolecular engineering, phage display, chemistry and biology of hyaluronan, macromolecular and interfacial self-assembly, directed self-assembly, supramolecular biomaterials, biomimetic matrices, regenerative medicine)
  • Ettore Barbieri (Modelling of nanocomposites, fracture and impact mechanics, and materials under extreme conditions)
  • James Busfield (rubber, elastomer, composites, tyres, abrasion, friction, fracture, creep, fracture, viscoelastic behaviour, modulus enhancement, filler reinforcement, finite element analysis
  • Asa Barber (Surfaces, interfaces, fibrous materials, nanotechnology, nanomechanics)
  • Julien Gautrot (Synthesis and characterisation of biomaterials. Micro- and nano-patterning. Bio-interfaces. Stem cell biology)